AIP Paleo

I meant to post this yesterday but life got in the way as it often does. Our entire household has decided to go AIP Paleo because of a rash of food related issues. Yesterday was day one. I weighed in at 126 lbs, which for someone who is 5’3, is not bad. I have psoriasis on my elbows, knees and random places on my legs and arms as well as my nose. I’m curious to see if AIP helps that to clear up a bit. And now for a random glance at how my day went down chronologically.

March 31st

Breakfast: bacon and a plum

Snacks: raw broccoli and carrots.

Lunch: half a cup of smoothie (kale, carrots, blueberries, fruit) and another smoothie (banana, cherry, blueberries). A bite of chicken, cooked broccoli, carrots and celery.

2:00pm I had an allergic reaction to something unknown (I had just finished my second smoothie and earlier had gone for  a walk so it could have been something outside. Took an allergy pill at 2:15 when it wasn’t clearing up fast enough.

More snacks: 1 banana at 3pm, at 5 I had another smoothie and then a kiwi at 5:47.

Dinner: Chicken breast and steamed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)

Notes: My energy level was about the same as usual, kind of meh. I managed to go for a walk and chase after 5 kids.

Mindset: Determined, but also kind of discouraged because we haven’t rid the house of foods we can’t eat yet. Also went to the grocery store for frozen fruit and walking past all the food I’ll probably never eat again sucked, but I’m hoping that the trade off will be feeling so much healthier that it will be totally worth it.


Doll Stuff

So I’ve been working away at Sam as well as adding to Dean’s wardrobe. This doll is going to own more clothes than me, I can just see it now.

Dean hanging out with Sam’s unstuffed torso. That doesn’t seem creepy at all…


Armless torso with stuffing isn’t much better..

034He could really use some arms and a face.. I’ll get to that later though.. Today I was too busy making Dean a coat.

002I decided that since putting in set in sleeves in his green shirt was such a huge pain that I’d just attach these sleeves at the shoulder seams first. It worked beautifully let me tell you.


It still needs all the tiny details like pocket flaps and epaulets and teeny silver snaps. But it’s coming along. He’s being very patient so far.. 025

Back to work for me though. I have more tiny things to make..

My Little Obsession

So about a month ago my internet went down (on a Saturday no less). The internet company said they’d have someone out to fix it on Wednesday. With my primary source of distraction taken away I was forced to look around my home for something to do. Turns out I had an entire shelf full of books just sitting in my living room. I stared it at intently for a little while, finally settling on some toy making book that I’d owned for 2 years and never really looked at.

Pft. Dollmaking. How hard could that be? I could probably do that, why the hell not? So I copied out the pattern and started cutting the fabric pieces. But me being me, I couldn’t just make some random doll, what would the point of that be? No. I had to make a Supernatural doll. I love Supernatural chibi fan art, and the style of the doll’s faces in the book lent itself perfectly to what I had in mind. So I spent all of Saturday working on my doll body. I hand basted in my garage while we celebrated my partner’s birthday, and our guests asked what on earth I was making by hand at 11pm.

Once I had all the little limbs and body parts sewn I needed something to stuff them with. I looked around my garage and found a bag of alpaca fibre I’d bought last year from a friend who has their own alpaca farm. It was perfect. And if you’ve watched the show at least up to mid season 6, then you already know why. Once I started stuffing, Dean started to take shape…


I sewed tiny channels with the casing tape I use for putting boning into to corsets, and I put wires into the channels so I could put them into the legs. After all he just wouldn’t look right without bow legs. I sewed the limbs onto the body and then started on the face. I used the template provided in the book for spacing and style, but I redrew the face myself until I thought it looked right. Then I had to transfer my drawing onto the fabric and embroider it on. I’d never done any real embroidery before so this was probably the most nerve wracking part for me. I chose 3 different shades of green for his eyes and tried to layer them as best I could. (try to ignore my hideous pyjama pants. I mostly worked on him at night while rewatching Supernatural of course.)


Then I started on his hair, but I felt kind of odd about him having no clothes on so I drafted and sewed him a tiny test pair of jeans. I had to rework the pattern after to make them fit properly but they did the trick so that he was only half naked. I crafted his Samulet from polymer clay and then painted it gold with acrylic paint. It was harder to make than I thought because it was so tiny and my fingers were much too large and clumsy to get it to look exactly right.


I continued work on his hair, but also made him a tiny black t-shirt so he could be a bit more comfortable. I redid the pants and used an emery board to make wear marks on the knees. And I gave him a little bracelet.075

I have to say the amount of work I’ve put into his hair is bordering on ridiculous. You have no idea the hours I spent embroidering. My carpal tunnel was not happy with me is all you really need to know. Next he needed his green shirt… so I copied a shirt pattern from my apparel design textbook and sized it up to fit him. 081

It needed sleeves of course so I had to draft those and then hand sew them onto the bodice, and let me tell you set in sleeves in miniature are a pain in the tiny @$$. 083

Then I spent countless more hours on his hair, and added some detailing to the shirt like pockets and a proper shirt collar (also a pain in the tiny @$$). 032

He’s not quite done, but I think he’s kind of adorable and I wanted to share him with the world because I’m impatient. Once I finished all of that work I did the math to figure out the proper scale and I graded the pattern up to make Sam, because:


And then I did the math and pattern grading for Crowley because my partner in crime/bff loves Crowley and wanted in on the doll making action. I can’t wait to see him when he’s done!


And now I have the exciting task of figuring out how to cut his hair (anyone know any doll hair dressers?!) and making him a LOT more clothes (and maybe some shoes.. we’ll see). Oh and now my 4 year old wants me to make him the tenth Doctor as well… I think might need to summon some faeries to do all this work for me.

The moral of the story is that if you end up without internet for a few days you just might start some silly doll making project on a whim and it’ll somehow begin to consume your life.


Mystery Monday

Happy Monday Lovely Readers!

We had some great guesses last week. Well done to those of you who guessed brooch. That lovely piece was from the 1850’s when skirts were at their fullest. Brooches like the one from last week had to be large enough to be noticed when competing with dresses of that magnitude. I’m pretty excited about this week’s item. I hope you enjoy guessing what it is!



As usual you can post your guesses here, on our facebook page or #MysteryMonday on our twitter.


Mystery Monday

Happy Monday lovely readers!

I’ve come up with a new blog feature for you. On Mystery Mondays I’ll be posting a picture of something, and it’s your job to figure out (or guess) what it is or what era it’s from! I’ll start you off this week with this nifty thing. If you think you know what it might be, leave a comment on our blog, our facebook page or #MysteryMonday on our twitter! You have until next Monday when I’ll post the answer and a new photo. Enjoy!


Big Changes

So I decided to try that natural light experiment months ago. Well it’s no longer an experiment. We turned it into our way of life because it worked so well. We made some modifications though. What we do is turn out all artificial lights before sunset, and leave everything off (except candles) until the kids fall asleep. After that we have a little grown up time, and watch TV or whatever. Unfortunately the last couple weeks have been some very late nights because we haven’t been keeping up with it. There’s a pretty good reason why though. Two weeks ago we moved into our first house.

Our kids room is the largest bedroom in the house (12×12) and I decided that we should turn it into an enchanted forest. Here’s our progress so far.


Above is the original paint colour. The whole room was a tan/brown colour with matching ugly carpet. Last night we spent a few hours painting and now it looks like this:


(Don’t mind the creepy faceless child.)

We got the lamp at Ikea. The next thing to do is paint some clouds on the ceiling and change the carpet to a green shag for some grass. The beds we’ll probably be building ourselves.. I have something fun in mind for those.